[ubuntu-art] What are we doing?

Сергей shnatsel at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 14:45:27 BST 2010

And one more thing, now speaking of the present.
Right now Finery themes which beat all Windows, Mac and GNOME themes
put together (except for window decorations, which are better to take
from light-themes), are fully implemented and polished. Those themes
were designed specifically for Ubuntu. Why didn't the design take them
(improve, if they don't like some parts) and make them default? I know
the team has put a lot of effort into Ambiance and Radiance in Lucid,
if they want to keep them, it's OK, but they should at least include
Finery in Maverick by default, not in some
nobody-knows-about-this-thing_0.23.1.deb!! Including only cathedral
stuff by default is a really stupid idea.

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