[ubuntu-art] Counting Down to Ubuntu 10.10

Matthew Nuzum matthew.nuzum at canonical.com
Wed Sep 8 21:55:04 BST 2010

Announcing the chosen banners:

First, it was a very tough decision. The entries this time around were
fabulous! It took us a whole extra day to decide which ones to use because
there were so many great choices. But, we have to choose and so we did.

Our first choice was Martín Césare's "logo as a progress bar" shown at
has made some minor adjustments to this so the final version does look
bit different)

Great job Martin!

Our second choice was Thorwil's "circles" shown at
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/MaverickCountdownBanner#Circles We loved the
way it progresses inwards, it really builds excitement.

Our third choice was a split decision, we couldn't pick only one, so we

Alejandro Rojas'
Koichi Akabe's

Congratulations to all of the winners!

I've received almost all of the final artwork and will be working to publish
it this week. Expect one more e-mail from me once these get to their final
resting place.

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 11:48 AM, Matthew Nuzum <matthew.nuzum at canonical.com
> wrote:

> OK, the time to enter designs has come to an end.
> You have done outstanding work! Choosing will be tough, but
> fortunately, it's not my job to make the final decision. :-)
> I've had a meeting with the decision makers and they're going to
> discuss the entries and decide tomorrow. At that point I'll
> communicate privately with the authors to ensure that we'll able to
> get a full set of images. Once I've succeeded I'll announce the
> outcome here on the list.
> Beta release is this Thursday but due to a longer than usual beta
> period we will not be releasing the countdowns for another week. I
> think it puts less burden on you artists to aim for about 30 days.
> --
> Matthew Nuzum
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Matthew Nuzum
newz2000 on freenode, skype, linkedin, identi.ca and twitter

"Never stop learning" –Robert Nuzum (My dad)
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