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=3B <br>&gt=3B On Thu=2C 2010-10-14 at 20:25 -0400=2C John Baer wrote:<br>&=
gt=3B <br>&gt=3B &gt=3B I like what I see with ccHost and there may be expe=
rtise ( Bryce? ) to<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B help mold it into a useful tool. <br>&=
gt=3B &gt=3B <br>&gt=3B &gt=3B The openclipart site looked good ( http://ww= ).<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B Personally=2C I would avoid anyt=
hing based on PHP. It's amazing what<br>&gt=3B people build with that poorl=
y designed language=2C but it still doesn't<br>&gt=3B make it look like a g=
od choice.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B &gt=3B 1. Will Canonical host it=
? If not=2C then who?<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B I would not count on Canonical. =
Especially not on any buy-in prior to us<br>&gt=3B having something in our =
hands. I think there's a "words are cheap=2C see<br>&gt=3B who actually del=
ivers" at work=2C combined with everyone being busy enough<br>&gt=3B alread=
y.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B After making sure we will tackle the right problem=
=2C the primary concern<br>&gt=3B on the technical side should be cutting d=
own the required development<br>&gt=3B effort. Not at the cost of justified=
 features=2C but by starting with an<br>&gt=3B informed choice of language =
and framework. Even if that makes hosting<br>&gt=3B more difficult/expensiv=
e=2C as developer time is very precious.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B We could try =
to collect donations for hosting=2C once there is something<br>&gt=3B to sh=
ow.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B &gt=3B 2. What does Canonical plan to d=
o with the current Wiki and when.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B There's a theme upda=
te in the pipeline=2C but AFAIK that's all they plan<br>&gt=3B to change re=
garding the wiki.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B What all the other teams and Canonic=
al want to use for their<br>&gt=3B collaborative documentation needs is up =
to them.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B What I have in mind will be for this team and=
 anyone else who wants to<br>&gt=3B work on design/artwork in the FLOSS rea=
lm in a structured way. Not tying<br>&gt=3B it to Ubuntu will only make it =
more valuable=2C as GNOME=2C application<br>&gt=3B projects and even other =
distributions could use it=2C too.<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B -- <br>&=
gt=3B Thorsten Wilms<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B thorwil's design for free softwar=
e:<br>&gt=3B<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B =
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essage: 10<br>&gt=3B Date: Fri=2C 15 Oct 2010 05:34:18 -0300<br>&gt=3B From=
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ubuntu-art] Improving What We Do! (Martin Owens)<br>&gt=3B To: Discussion o=
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ID:<br>&gt=3B 	&lt=3BAANLkTinpd8OL8Mfz=3DzWvRVU7LNK8e3mh+2WPwM0nYMOa at mail.g=<br>&gt=3B Content-Type: text/plain=3B charset=3D"iso-8859-1"=
<br>&gt=3B <br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B Personally=
=2C I would avoid anything based on PHP. It's amazing what<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B=
 people build with that poorly designed language=2C but it still doesn't<br=
>&gt=3B &gt=3B make it look like a god choice.<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B <=
br>&gt=3B  What language would you like? i like python!<br>&gt=3B ---------=
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