[ubuntu-art] Improving What We Do!

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Thu Oct 14 10:48:35 BST 2010

On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 00:36 -0400, Martin Owens wrote:

> If there aren't enough people at UDS from the Art Team, then we may end
> up having to have a real meeting.

Jonathan Carter, Vishnoo and I will be there.

> My first thoughts on this team is that we need real software to manage
> job requests, announcements (blogs/feeds etc) and submissions. The wiki
> is a stop gap in my opinion which needs a nice and healthy replacement.

I agree and know Vish does, too.

The only thing that could remain on the wiki would be documentation, but
rather not if we can have WYSWYG editing with good image support.

> There is no shortage of candidates and we could move more towards debian
> with cchost or more towards fedora with (er, I forget the name) with
> their art management software. We have lots of choice here and I'd be
> happy to head it up and collect together requirements.

The name is DesignHub.


Presence: Get a summary post onto Planet Ubuntu once a week.

Landing page:
 * Leads the visitor to other sections:
   * Request design/artwork
   * How to create / get involved
   * Upload
   * View/discuss/get

Accounts and permissions:
 * Can we reuse LP accounts?
 * 3 levels: visitor, contributor, admin?

 * Automatic thumbnail generation (including previews for SVGs)
 * Enforce a minimum size of uploads (for wallpapers)
   maybe even one of a list of fixed resolutions/aspect-ratios
 * Mandatory specification of a license and author(s)
 * Manage source files such as SVG and XCF
 * Link derivatives to originals

 * Categories/Tagging
   * photo vs abstract
   * Ubuntu derivative and release (optional)
 * Gallery pages with filtering/search

 * Comments per submission, ideally nested

 * Email, RSS, microblogging?
 * On additions, edits, comments
 * Filtering per category, white/black-listing

 * Could we tie into LP, or use bzr or git otherwise?
 * Mark comments as referring to a specific version

 * Link with Flickr. Search both on the site and within the Flickr pool
   at once
 * Add notes or scribble on top of images to provide clear feedback
 * Etherpad-style concurrent realtime editing

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