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Tue Nov 9 20:19:56 GMT 2010

wiki. Which everyone around the world has to understand correctly.

If we are in-need of any calculations, it would be only for people
writing the task specs, and that would be only a handful[max 10-20
people writing the tasks?]. Even if all those 20 are
month-mathematically-challenged and it takes them longer[max 5mins
extra?] to figure out the days and months, the trade-off seems OK.

More people able to understand the task deadline and not getting it
mixed up is better than few members taking a little extra time to write
the specs.

> And then we would have the question which format using names, exactly?

Yea, any format order seems good to me. 
Since obviously option 1 has its pit-fall of not being
international-friendly, let's go with option 2 :  "1 February 2010"

Or if we want to keep it short  : "1 Feb 2010" / "2010, 1 Feb"


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