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Ivanka Majic ivanka.majic at canonical.com
Thu Nov 18 15:08:32 GMT 2010

Perhaps this list is the best place to discuss after all.

On 18/11/10 14:34, j_baer wrote:
> The following comments may be more a * brain dump * than anything else. :-)
> I do not know the intent or the desired outcome of the authors of
> "screenshots.debian.net", but drawing a conclusion from the URL I assume the
> desire was to offer Debian users a method to showcase their desktop.
This is just it. We need to find that out. Assumptions are dangerous things.
> The Ubuntu Software Centre desires to offer an enhanced user experience by
> providing information about products which will assist the user in
> determining the suitability of an offering to their needs. Although
> “screenshots.debian.net” is a good match, it’s not a perfect match.
What makes you say that? It is a site that hosts screenshots in a format 
that the software centre can use. It also seems to me to be a perfectly 
adequate place for people to submit screenshots. What would be a perfect 
> * The most pressing issue is screenshots may not be current and reflect what
> is being offered. In addition, there is no easy method (?) to expire an
> image and/or contact the submitter.
That is one of the issues for which I set up a separate bug. We need to 
come up with some ways to reinvigorate the gathering of screenshots. 
Very little technical knowledge is required in order to do this so there 
is a chance that, as a task, it will appeal to a broader audience. The 
is a campaign project. We need a Paper Cuts equivalent. Just as much as 
we have encouraged people to improve the descriptions of the packages we 
could do something that covers both.
> * There is the unknown of appropriate content and this is managed. I realize
> “someone” reviews content at "screenshots.debian.net" but the approval
> process is unclear.
Is that a problem? Approval processes should be clear, as a rule, but 
what does the current state of play discourage?
> * The Software Centre is package centric and in reality a package may be an
> aggregate of several functional deliverables. Theme packages are a good
> example of this.

> * In today’s world a graphic image is just one way to deliver information.
> The current solution does not support alternatives such as videos in the
> form of a screen cast.

> * Last, what is the impact to Ubuntu if "screenshots.debian.net" is
> unavailable?
Last three are good points.
> All of this leads me to believe building something new may be better than
> fixing something old. In addition there is a need from this team for an
> image repository. The title “Ubuntu Media Center” comes to mind. :-)
> Something tells me if we design it, someone will build it.
These are interesting thoughts and we should always be thinking in a mix 
of what we have and what we need. Right now, screenshots.ubuntu.com 
serves a very real purpose and we can't lose sight of that. We have 
resource to reskin and possibly make some minor UI changes. We need that 
site, right now, to have a bigger range of images.

Develop your problem definition more broadly so we can examine the 
impact, the benefits and the risks of this 'Ubuntu Media Center' and 
then we should definitely talk further. May I suggest that you write out 
pros and cons for what we have now and pros and cons of what you are 
proposing? That would be a great starting point for further discussion.


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