[ubuntu-art] The Brickyard - Week of 11/12/2010

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 23:32:22 GMT 2010

The following is a summary of Artwork Team activity for the week of
11/12/2010 :-)

* Ubuntu Forums Re-design *

The response to Mike Basinger's request for Ubuntu Forums design
assistance was the most discussed topic of the week. Suggestions and
discussions included design review, css advice, and mock up submissions.

* Free Culture Showcase Discussion *

Iain Farrell from the Design Team requested theme suggestions for the
Natty "Free Culture Showcase".

* Idea for compiz/unity logo-icon *

"coz DS" submitted proposals for the compiz/unity logo-icon for the team
to review.

* LibreOffice project: request for contributors *

A surprising and welcomed request was submitted by the LibreOffice
community for assistance with artwork and branding of the LibreOffice
office suite. Additional details are currently being discovered.

* screenshots.ubuntu.com *

Ivanka Majic from the Design Team requested assistance with enhancing
this solution. A specification is currently under development.

* Contributing in meaningful Ways *

John Baer submitted a commentary encouraging team members to

* Artwork Team Logo Update *

Please a take moment to review and comment on the Artwork Team logo
submissions. Post comments for discussion to the list, personal comments
to the submission on flickr. Take a moment to contribute to your team
and post your submission. :-)

I found this link from the Ubuntu NL Artwork team which demonstrates
their logo in action. Nice :-)


Need inspiration? Here is a submission for the openSuse Art team logo.


C u r r e n t   S u b m i s s i o n s


Posted several nice submissions which emphasizes design.


While you are there check out the Ubuntu Nicaragua video clip. Well



A classic design based on a painter's pallet.



Daniel Crawford

A contemporary design with a splash of color.




An artist's tool design.




A simple iconic design.



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