[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu Forums need design assistance

Jef van Schendel jefvanschendel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 00:32:15 GMT 2010

2010/11/7 Mike Basinger <mike.basinger at ubuntu.com>

> I made a lot of changes on the forums this weekend. Please let me know what
> you think?

Sweet, new menu's!

A few tidbits:

- The "navlinks" class has a border-top of 1px, I don't really see a need
for it.
- The front page still has a title and subtitle ("Ubuntu Forums" and
"Welcome to..."), these seem redundant. Is this fixable?
- Another icon we can replace is the lastpost-arrow [1]. I used an image [2]
form the Ubuntu website to create something similar [3]. It's a quick job
though, it doesn't look good yet at such a small size [4].


[1] http://www.mikesplanet.net/forums/images/buttons/lastpost-right.png
[2] http://www.ubuntu.com/sites/default/themes/ubuntu10/images/H3_arrow.png
[3] http://i.imgur.com/dcFsM.png
[4] http://imgur.com/SsL0o.png
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