[ubuntu-art] Contributing In Meaningful Ways

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 23:55:37 GMT 2010

Hello Everyone,

It is my firm belief a fundamental driver to the success of the Artwork Team
will be the ability to contribute in meaningful ways. To affirm that
commitment to you I would like to list current and planned activities.

*Current Activity*

*Ubuntu** Forums*

The item which has the mailing list abuzz is the response to Mike Basinger‘s
request for design assistance with the new Ubuntu Forums. This is a
community site which receives high visibility and the success of this task
will benefit the community as a whole and is worthy of your time.

Post your suggestions and feedback to the mailing list.

*Artwork Team Logo*

This may appear trivial but I cannot think of a more important task than
branding who we are. The outcome is high visibility and the benefit may
serve us for years to come.

Post your questions, suggestions, and thoughts to the list; your submissions
to Flickr.

*Planned Activity*

*Default Artwork*

I anticipate requests to contribute default artwork from the community and
greater community. These requests will be high visibility and add value.

*Specific Requests*

I anticipate requests to contribute specific artwork such as logos, icons,
and banners. All of these requests will be important and add value.

*Infrastructure Improvements*

A stated desire at UDS was to create a site which supports our processes,
adds value to the community, and stores data in a secure reliable manner.
This task will require many hands ( designers, artists, coders, engineers )
and folks who are willing to support the desired result.

Now is the time to be actively involved as the tasks will multiply.

If your desire is to contribute to Ubuntu and the greater community in a
meaningful way there is no better place than here.


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