[ubuntu-art] Flickr is the best interim Image Repository

Сергей shnatsel at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 19:53:10 GMT 2010

We could also use spreadubuntu.org engine, I think the only thing it lacks
is explicit linking to images on which a work is based, but that doesn't
seem that hard to add. I don't think openclipart.org-like "remix button"
approach is a good idea. An image can be based on several works, all of them
must be credited as sources, and openclipart.org doesn't allow that.
Moreover, a "remix" button would be useful if it would open an image editor,
and then it would upload the result to the website; now it just uploads an
already finished remix - it should be called "upload your remix" and it's
absolutely useless, IMO. And one more thing to consider: we'll have to deal
with external sources of images a lot. Yes, remixing content from our
website is good, but externaly stored images (photos from Flickr, SVGs from
OCAL, all kinds of stuff from DeviantArt etc.) will be heavily used as well,
and we should provide an easy way to mark an image stored *anywhere* as a
base for one's work. I guess the best way to link images is just a couple of
URL input field to pages containing the images used in one's work. URLs
leading to our website should be recognized and (maybe) handled like in

Best wishes,
Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
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