[ubuntu-art] Free Culture Showcase Theme

Iain Farrell iain.farrell at canonical.com
Fri Nov 5 15:43:09 GMT 2010

On 05/11/10 01:15, Saleel Velankar wrote:
> >Got suggestions?
> Off the top of my head? Earth.
> Let me explain: earth as in that which supports humanity (the planet). 
> But also earth as in the soil into which our roots grow.
> Anyways this might sound terrible when I get up in the morning but I 
> did want to get the discussion rolling on this. I believe one of the 
> ideas discussed at uds was the concept of an ocean. I am just 
> expanding on that.

Hey guys

Exciting idea this, thinking of the showcase in terms of a theme. On the 
desktop development team we've been working to the theme laid out by 
Mark some time ago, of light. Perhaps light would be a good starting 
point for these assets too and will make them feel like they're more at 
home as a part of the Unity 11.04 experience.


> -- 
> Saleel

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