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Inayaili Leon inayaili.de.leon at canonical.com
Fri Nov 5 13:20:26 GMT 2010

Hey Jef,

I had a little play with Firebug too and these changes did make the pages a lot cleaner. I think showing a clearer hierarchy between elements it's rather important — for example you hadn't noticed the headings…

About having one of the headers in orange and the other ones in grey, I suppose it's a matter of experimenting and seeing what works best.


On 2010/11/05, at 13:08, Jef van Schendel wrote:

> 2010/11/5 Inayaili Leon <inayaili.de.leon at canonical.com>
> Most of the points we've mentioned at the UDS session regarding the design have already been covered by Mike, so here's a list of what we think would benefit the design further and could bring the design more in line with the guidelines. These are things Jef (who offered to help Mike) might want to try out.
> Hi Yaili,
> I see it has already improved a lot since the last time I looked at it (removal of the gradients, correct header color, among others), sweet. :) 
>        I've noticed you're using a blue colour on the borders of the table headings. This colour doesn't exist in the guidelines. Making the borders white or removing them altogether might improve the overall design.
>        If possible, the drop shadows on tables should be removed, as they make the tables look heavier and they don't conform to the guidelines
> Yes, I noticed these two things too when I played around a bit with Firebug. When I first got to the page I tried removing a bunch of stuff to decrease the noise. I figured the page is going to be busy enough as it is. Removing that blue border and the drop shadows will make it look a lot cleaner I think.
> * Colours:
>        The orange is now following the guidelines, that's great. You might also want to try and instead of using orange for the headers in the tables use the grey (#AEA79F). You can see it on the web guidelines, on the tables page. This will make the pages a bit less loud and will add a nice level of hierarchy between header, footer and main content.
> Oh, that looks nice! The "What's Going On?" table uses a different class for its header, I think maybe keeping that one orange might be smart, to separate it from the tables above it?
>        The title of the pages can/should be larger (the h1 element), to make it clearer which page the user is in
> Yikes, I didn't even see that header until I read this... It's much clearer on the individual forum pages and threads. I might be going too far here (Mike told me we don't want to mess around too much, because it can make security patches a mess), but is it possible to remove it on the front page? It already says "Ubuntu Forums" in the header after all.
> I'll have another look at these pages in the weekend, maybe I can find some more things. :)
> Jef
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