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Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Thu Nov 4 10:06:46 GMT 2010


A few of us had a session about the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase at UDS.

Wiki page of the previous run:

While results have been good to great for pictures and music, there has
been a dearth of videos plus a tendency of them being focused on Ubuntu.
This has been fine, but continuing this way might be seen as
navel-gazing and propaganda by a growing and increasingly diverse
audience. The showcase assets should wow the audience on their own,
based on artistic merit.

We would also prefer works created specifically targeting the showcase.

For these reasons and because it's cool, we would like to have a common
theme for the next round. Ideally one that can be seen as an expression
of at least one of the virtues and goals of Free Software and Ubuntu,
but that is a little more concrete. Got suggestions?

Planned schedule:
 * Jan 3rd: Announcement, contest open
 * Feb 14th: contest closed
 * March 7th: Shortlist Complete
 * March 21th: Juding Complete
We will collect submissions on sites like Flickr, Deviantart and
Soundcloud like before and have "sub leaders" for each community.

Ivanka will organise judging by professionals, for neutrality and high
standards. This will improve the chances of being taken seriously and of
receiving recognition by the "outside world".

There may be prizes and more attention will be payed to announcing the

We intend to do a web button/badge program, but theme and briefing come

Thorsten Wilms

thorwil's design for free software:

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