[ubuntu-art] Flickr is the best interim Image Repository

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 13:13:15 GMT 2010

Hello Everyone,

Realizing in the long term we will adopt something which satisfies our
unique requirements, I’ve been experimenting with the tools at hand for a
solution which I believe will serve our needs now.

IMO the current tool set mix should be the mailing list, Wiki, Launchpad,
and Flickr.

What I like about Flickr as an image repository.

 • Very mature and well accepted by artist world-wide. Participants may
receive recognition for their work beyond the boundaries of Ubuntu (viz.
whats interesting).
 • Precedence.  The Canonical Design Team uses this tool for supplemental
wallpapers and you cannot argue the numbers.
 • Supports a wide range of image formats.
 • Supports Grouping of images by subject matter.
 • Supports Group discussions.
 • Supports submission comments and critiques.
 • Supports slide shows.
 • Supports multiple roles.
 • Supports image tags.

What I don’t like about Flickr.

 • File size limitation on “free” accounts.
 • Poor/no support for “svg” format.
 • No ability to create a group consisting of subgroups.
 • Groups are difficult to delete.

As UDS is over we are currently in the official development cycle of Natty
and my impression is our long term solution may takes months to create,
test, and release. So let’s not rush it to get it right.

My guess is folks are ready to create artwork. :)


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