[ubuntu-art] Metacity Button Order Changed

Alin-Andrei nilarimogard at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 17:49:11 GMT 2010

> Not only are the buttons on the left, but they're not even correct for
> "buttons on the left"!

> What OS X has:    close, minimize, maximize : menu
> What we have:     maximize, minimize, close : menu
> What Windows has: menu : minimize, maximize, close
> As it is right now, the theme will break muscle memory for everyone
> coming from Windows, OS X, and even all other Linux distros (including
> previous versions of Ubuntu)!
> also a few other notes:
> * the Plymouth progress bar seems to go from 0% to 100% over and over,
> instead of actually "throbbing"; this is misleading and confusing.
> * the "superscript" logo makes the name look like ubuntu® (with the logo
> as the registered-trademark symbol).

Correction. We have: maximize, minimize, close :

The menu is missing from the new themes!
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