[ubuntu-art] R: Re: hello

elli91 at fastwebnet.it elli91 at fastwebnet.it
Fri Jan 29 17:33:07 GMT 2010

>Welcome Elisa!
Thanks to everyone :)

>Do you have examples of your art online?
I do, but I have mostly art works for forums and stuff such as colorize or retou
I will give you some links with some of my works.

Here you have some logos for some forums that asked me for them:
- http://i33.tinypic.com/vdfg3l.jpg
- http://i38.tinypic.com/2qwh947.png
- http://i41.tinypic.com/2emiu5z.png
- http://i35.tinypic.com/k1qlnl.png
- http://i37.tinypic.com/s3mrna.png
- http://i49.tinypic.com/28hzbt0.png

Those are retouches:
- http://i48.tinypic.com/21lo1fk.png
- http://i45.tinypic.com/13yh00.png
- http://i49.tinypic.com/iwt534.png

And here there are some colorizes:
- http://i50.tinypic.com/r9g2ll.png
- http://i47.tinypic.com/23sbxmx.png
- http://i45.tinypic.com/x3wsn4.png

Some other art works:
- http://i43.tinypic.com/23lxemr.png
- http://i38.tinypic.com/5cahr4.png
- http://i39.tinypic.com/kcjwva.png
- http://i46.tinypic.com/2w5obkn.png (it's pretty big due to the forum's resolut

Banners of different sizes (some are from my last forum):
- http://i49.tinypic.com/v75gk4.png
- http://i50.tinypic.com/j8z7u0.png
- http://i37.tinypic.com/2hh1xs6.png
- http://i36.tinypic.com/mvgr4n.png
- http://i46.tinypic.com/wgtiyv.png
- http://i45.tinypic.com/2zgbssg.png

Hope this is enough.

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