[ubuntu-art] Theme Creator Mockup

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 09:09:56 GMT 2010

В 08:28 +0000 на 23.01.2010 (сб), Andrew написа:

> Is there any idea when this might be completed/started? Looks like a
> genuinely useful tool

It might start soon (but not earlier that a month) and will finish when
it is bug free and working. That depends on how things would work and if
there are no bugs that stop the development. I really got some feedback
and a lot of people would love to see this working but it won't be easy
to implement. These days I'll speak with some people that develop the
gtk theme rendering (manage all the engines an the way they work) and
see if things are going to change radically in gnome 3.0 or no, so on
that depends too if I'm even starting this.

Anton Kerezov

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