[ubuntu-art] Need for an Ubuntu Art request wiki page

Vishnoo drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 9 21:05:56 GMT 2010

Hi , 
Very often, there are users who drop by the #ubuntu-artwork irc and
request icons for new apps, posters for Ubuntu events. 
But if there isnt anyone available at that time, their requests go
[The recent issue of the business cards , if thorwil had not taken
personal interest and approached the list , the issue would have gone
[There was also the recent blog regarding the overuse of the Ubuntu
favicon for every Ubuntu related site , maybe these websites dont know
any artists to help out?]

Currently ,these requests are not addressed from both sides:
- The request does not reach all the people interested in helping out
with Ubuntu artwork.
- There is no single place for someone to request
Ubuntu-specific-artwork.[the person either has to get lucky on the irc
or personally know an artist or unnecessarily subscribe to this mailing

Which brings me to my questions:
- Why isnt there an Ubuntu artwork request wiki page ? [is such a wiki
- Is there interest in the community folks to answer such requests?

I suggest that we setup a wiki to address such requests and subscribe
the artwork mailing list to the wiki page. 
This makes it easy for the folks who want to help and the folks who
request help.

What does the community think?

Vish [mac_v]

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