[ubuntu-art] NW Config update + idea

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 13:00:35 GMT 2010

В 13:01 +0100 на 09.01.2010 (сб), Thorsten Wilms написа:
> Why? What kind of refinement? Give an example of something that can't be
> done in Inkscape right away.

The example is the edges of very small images that have round corners.
Sometimes you need to adjust these details so that they become invisible
for most of the cases. You can check the entry images of new wave. They
have been refined a lot. 

But I suggest this could be changed by using larger images (but slowing
down the whole theme with load times)

If I accept your idea for the svg workflow then how could we specify
desired borders? Could we use some rect to define numerical values to be
used in the gtkrc? And what about stretch and other on demand values?
Maybe the converter script could have GUI to set all this things?

Anton Kerezov

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