[ubuntu-art] NW Config update + idea

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 11:33:46 GMT 2010

В 12:11 +0100 на 09.01.2010 (сб), Thorsten Wilms написа:
> On Sat, 2010-01-09 at 13:00 +0200, Anton Kerezov wrote:
> > Btw I have an idea about a program that could automate the pixmap theme
> > creation with a GUI editor where you specify images and their
> > properties.
> Couldn't you simply use the same SVG-file-with-plates-layer approach as
> we used in the pioneer theme file for the gtk-css-engine? With fixed
> names for all elements and a matching gtkrc template, much of the work
> would be done already, right?

Well it is not so simple because when you export the image from Inkscape
there is some more refinement to be done in Gimp (but not all the times.

> What are the variables/properties required?

I was thinking of a explorer like structure where there are categories
for Button, Checkbox etc. with a subcategories of the states. Then when
you click on certain state you can specify the image (or change the
default provided) for it and other options such as overlay file (if it
is supported), borders in which the images is not scaled (every image
has such), stretch boolean flags and some other options of the pixmap

I'm still not aware of the way things could be automated even more.
Maybe a global variables such as make all button derivatives
displacement equal to ...

Anton Kerezov

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