[ubuntu-art] Re : .doc, .xls, etc icons in Humanity Update

Chris Tooley euxneks at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 00:23:58 GMT 2010

> The problem is the same for the psd file icon (attached): why putting a
> Photoshop logo? The user only has to know it is an image, with the psd
> extension. The photoshop logo is a nonsense here.

I was under the impression that a PSD file was a PhotoShop Document.
Is this not a proprietary format?

As for the mime-type icons, I'm rather of the impression that using
the text "PSD" or "DOC" in the thumbnail is best - most people will
understand the meaning - and it's consistent and easy to implement.
Colouring can imply a specific application or association, and give
more differentiation amongst mime types if needed..

Just my two cents :)


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