[ubuntu-art] .doc, .xls, etc icons in Humanity Update

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 17 22:53:27 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 17 February 2010 05:04:46 pm Merk wrote:
> MAC USERS may expect that exact icon, not Windows users.   Since we can't
> satisfy both exactly, we should satisfy both roughly.
> By that I mean the 'visual metaphor' should be "Blue W for Word", "Green X
> for Excel", etc.  Not "Stylized and gel-like font in perspective only
> present in the Mac version of Office"
> Kenneth Wimer-5 wrote:
> > On Wednesday 17 February 2010 07:38:23 am Merk wrote:
> >> I'm not asking why the OS X was directly copied instead of either
> >> Windows one.  I'm asking why any existing Word icon was copied at all.
> >
> > It is a mimetype and as such needs to visually represent a certain type
> > of file. It goes without saying that when everyone associates a certain
> > look/letter/number with something they don't search for other visual
> > metaphors. People expect certain things to look certain ways ;)

Right, put that way, I see your point ;)

I'm just against changing something most people recognize just to be different. 
Ideally, we'd be able to ship our mimetype sheet with an original logo but 
alas, that ain't gonna happen.


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