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Tom G tom at tomgallovich.com
Thu Feb 11 18:54:40 GMT 2010

Hi Trey,

Do you have enough help for your shirt design or are you just lloking 
for ideas now?


Trey Ethridge wrote:
> Hello all!
> I'm riding in two charity bike rides this year.  One is for Multiple 
> Sclerosis and the other is for Diabetes.  I've requested and received 
> permission from Canonical to create custom jerseys for use on these 
> rides.  My team is going to be called "Team Ubuntu".
> This is a chance for the community to show that we can roll with the 
> best jerseys that we often see for companies like Microsoft, Red Hat, 
> Cisco, and Nortel.  I'm am hoping that we can use some Ubuntu culture 
> for the theme of the jersey.  Ubuntu has a unique mascot for each 
> release.  My thought was that we would design a jersey that 
> incorporated the mascots of our releases.  The style of the Hardy 
> Heron wallpaper was pretty popular and would probably look good on 
> jerseys.  Here is a link to the wall paper I'm referring 
> to: http://images.google.com/images?q=hardy+heron+wallpaper
> The jersey could include the current supported releases or we could 
> try to incorporate them all.  The jersey isn't limited to a predefined 
> set of colors, so we really have a lot of leeway in our design.
> Here is the list of mascots so you don't have to look them up:
> Lucid Lynx
> Karmic Koala
> Jaunty Jackalope
> Intrepid Ibex
> Hardy Heron
> Dapper Drake
> Gutsy Gibbon
> Feisty Fawn
> Edgy Eft
> Breezy Badger
> Hoary Hedgehog
> Warty Warthog
> I realize that there is a wiki page for Ubuntu Jerseys, but I feel 
> that we want to push the boundaries more than these designs.  The 
> jerseys appear to be limited by the number of colors that they can 
> contain due to manufacturing limits.  Plus, they appear to just reuse 
> a lot of logos and I'm hoping for something new and exciting.  
> Here is a link to some designs that another cycling team in the 
> Multiple Sclerosis ride received when they placed a bid on the 
> crowdspring.com <http://crowdspring.com> design site. 
>  http://www.crowdspring.com/project/1283223_cycling-jersey-logo-vin/
> Check out the Ubuntu jerseys here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCyclists
> I've picked out a company to print our jerseys.  They require that the 
> design be in the SVG format.  Here is a link to the templates that 
> they recommend using when designing.
> Jersey template:
> http://champ-sys.com/media/SS%20Raglan%20Without%20Side%20Panel.pdf
> Shorts template:
> http://champ-sys.com/media/FullWrap%20U%20Panel%20MBI040.pdf
> They have some notes about the black areas of the templates.  The 
> black area can be one of seven pre-dyed colors.  I recommend checking 
> out the notes on the page.
> http://champ-sys.com/custom/cycling/formsandtemplates
> The Diabetes ride is in June and the Multiple Sclerosis ride is in 
> September.  The manufacturing process takes 6 to 8 weeks, so we have 
> some time to design.  
> I look forward to hearing from the group.  This is an exciting 
> opportunity for your artwork to be seen by thousands of participants 
> in these events.  Please let me know if you have questions or need 
> additional information.
> Sincerely,
> Trey Ethridge
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