[ubuntu-art] A little help, please?

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 8 07:42:17 GMT 2010

On Sunday 07 February 2010 02:51:06 pm Mast3r Bogdy wrote:
> Hello people! I'm new on this list. Can somebody tell me how can I get a
>  list of objects to be designed? I mean I need somebody to explain how I
>  can make a <i>skin</i>. I hope you understand my english. Thanks in
>  advance!

Check out the info and links at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/

One place to find lots of themes is http://gnome-look.org/

Since you specifically mention a "skin" I assume you mean a gtk-2.0 theme as 
well as a metacity theme. 


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