[ubuntu-art] Creating Viral Video's - Is anyone interested?

Liam Wilson liamwilson93 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 14:09:43 GMT 2010

Hey all;

Some of us on the Ubuntu-uk LoCo have come up with an idea for a new project
- creating a marketing campaign for Ubuntu using Viral Videos - short little
videos that get a message across, similar to
Microsoft's<http://www.youtube.com/user/WindowsVideos>efforts, we also
discussed a TV advert, but deicded Viral Videos were better

   1. It's cheap - no cost of getting it on the air
   2. Easy to spread - just send a link to friends/family, etc
   3. More involvement - the project can go on for a longer time period, and
   people from other countries can contribute, too.
   4. It'll last longer - Any videos made will stay online for as long as
   the video hosting sites are up.

Before this project actually gets to a head, I'd just like to know who would
definitely be interested in contributing. And it wouldn't just be making
videos, remember, we need people to manage any web hosting channels we have,
people to create themes and or/artwork for the channels, and to be possibly
be included in the videos, people to keep the wiki updated, poeple to
suggest ideas that can be used in videos, there are PLENTY of ways to
contribute, so just because you can't make a video, doesn't mean there won't
be something for you to do.

If you're interested, please reply to this message.

If we get enough people, popey (Alan Pope) has pointed me to these two guys
who we could ask to help, as long as there's enough interest:


They're both really good at video editing/creation, check out their works,
once enough replies are had, I'll email them asking to help

Liam Wilson

P.S; I'm asking around loads of LoCo's/Teams, so apologies if you get this
more than once.
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