[ubuntu-art] Alternate Natty Wallpaper Proposal

Saleel Velankar svelanka at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 19:00:57 GMT 2010

> I'm not opposed to a single pool for non-photo wallpapers, if you are
> that eager, but please not several. I would also lean towards keeping it
> open, that is: not tied to a release.
> I can see the sense behind that, this would be okay .

I still think ending up with a choice of quality wallpapers for Edubuntu
> and Xubuntu will be a step forward, already.

Very much agreed, since those have clearly defined specs, I have higher
hopes for those.  I am seeing this pool as a place for filtering some of the
wider areas of Ubuntu wallpapers that exist out there, that aren't grown to
spec: the kind of stuff that are texture walls and light walls, maybe even
some illustrations. Stuff that as of now has no real home, but
is definitely *for* Ubuntu. This is stuff that is *not * going to make it if
included in freecultureshowcase. We could invite/find this stuff and put it
in a a community package, and give it some eyeballs. It would hopefully make
some of these artists willing to work on other stuff with us.

> I expect that at least one person (ideally at least 2, one as fallback),
> volunteers for packaging beforehand. If no one takes ownership, you can
> forget it.

>  I can do the packaging (hey, that's easy!), but I'm not a MOTU and don't
> have upload rights to Ubuntu archives.

Sergey, I am sure we can work around that. Thanks so much for volunteering!
As the backup, could we simply release on the web?
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