[ubuntu-art] Personal Appeal for Change

Vishnoo vish at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 14 14:03:19 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-12-14 at 07:22 -0500, John Baer wrote:
> Vish,
> With respect and without malice I am asking that you please stop
> deleting Wiki content and restore the content you removed.

It is not very clear, if the replies have not been clear enough for you
to understand this topic or if you choose to ignore the comments .

If you have not understood, *kindly* let us know. 

You seem to have +1'd Сергей's mail without reading the content or might
have not understood it fully.

Highlighting the relevant part: 
"1. Every collaborative task must be proposed to wider audience and accepted or declined by the community.
2. It must be absolutely evident that a proposal is just a proposal and may be changed or declined. As a consequence, it must not be located in production namespaces (read: keep it in personal )"

As I mentioned earlier, Pending discussion here your proposal is still
in your personal namespace:

It should not be added to the artwork tasks page until it is a valid
accepted task. 

Do try to understand that this is not something that is being
special-cased for you. This is for everyone, anyone. 

Again, if you did not understand any part of the replies earlier, do ask


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