[ubuntu-art] Make announcement of submissions mandatory

Vishnoo vish at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 10 17:17:02 GMT 2010

On Fri, 2010-12-10 at 09:02 -0600, Leandro Gómez wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 11:15 PM, Vishnoo <vish at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>         We need to get more eyes on the submissions.
>         More people expressing their views/opinions/critique on the
>         submissions.
>         Announcements will also help get a review earlier than the
>         deadline and
>         time for tweaks.
>         Ensuing discussion might create new/better ideas.
>         Let's make announcement of the submissions mandatory and make
>         sure it is
>         mentioned in every task page.
> While I can see clearly the benefits of announcing the submissions to
> the mailing list, I totally fail understanding why it must be
> mandatory?

This is not about the active members. They will always check the

My main intention is to get more *active* participation from members, to
grow this artwork community, share opinions/views from throughout the
world, everyone grows as better designers and eventually this team gets
to able to push some serious design work.

How many members have been active on this list? max 20 members? 
While, the total number of members subscribed here are 1040 (574
Non-digest Members and 466 Digest Members)

Let's say that even ~80% of the subscribers are here for help or just
out of curiosity. Dont we have even ~20% composition of artists and
budding artists?(around 200?). Why are they not excited? Why dont we
hear their voices, their opinions?

Some have expressed interest in learning. Discussions would be a good
learning experience for people who want to learn and hone their skills.
Once they get confident, we would hear their thoughts too.

Art is highly subjective and can always benefit from more eyes viewing
What is good in one locale is not sensible everywhere. For example: A
design including a Swastika might be good in India, but is not right for
a global audience.
Everyone notices different things in a design, like a recent example, of
where Thorsten noticed "two people pushing a brush in the third guys
face". Not many had noticed this before he mentioned it.

Designs are not just about pretty pictures, an artist needs to express
an idea, convey a meaning. There needs to be a concept, a clear
direction. Hearing more opinions will open our minds to concepts/ideas
we would have never thought about.
> Is it that difficult to check the flickr groups once in a while? Do
> you know how much time it takes to click a few links and check a
> couple of galleries vs. the time spent creating a wallpaper?

As I mentioned, it does not take long for the 20 people who are active.
Are other's viewing the submissions? How do we get others excited?
It does not take too long to just send a mail to the list saying, "I
submitted #foo at : <link> . The idea is ..". 
After doing hours worth of work to create a submission, would spending
5mins to send a mail be so difficult?

Basically, we need to grow as a better design community. The more we
stay silent, the less we are going to be able to accomplish.


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