[ubuntu-art] Make announcement of submissions mandatory

Vishnoo vish at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 10 05:15:38 GMT 2010

While we are getting new submissions for each task, there seems to be
less activity here regarding the submissions and it is not clear that
there were submissions even. 
If anyone had to check the new submissions they will have to keep
checking the respective flickr groups *daily* for submissions. Not
everyone would be doing that. Only the people running the tasks would
look into it fairly regularly. 

We need to get more eyes on the submissions. 
More people expressing their views/opinions/critique on the submissions.
Announcements will also help get a review earlier than the deadline and
time for tweaks.
Ensuing discussion might create new/better ideas. 

Let's make announcement of the submissions mandatory and make sure it is
mentioned in every task page.

Now the question would be, what if someone has not announced and the
submission is too good to miss out? 
If someone finds a submission sitting in the collection pool
un-announced for more than a week, just announce it for the submitter.
(not necessary that the submitter needs to be the one who announces.)
And, let's make sure the submitter is notified that their submission is
being discussed here.

Would we still miss a few submissions? Maybe. If no one is excited
enough about the submission to make the proxy-announcement either, would
it have been selected? Maybe not. 

But, skipping out on a few submissions seems a trade off to growing and
building a larger community.

What do others think? Shall we make this mandatory?


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