[ubuntu-art] Artwork Team Logo - Submissions due today!

j_baer baerjj at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 13:15:20 GMT 2010

Vishnoo-2 wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-12-02 at 18:15 -0800, j_baer wrote:
>> j_baer wrote:
>> > 
>> > Hello everyone,
>> > 
>> > I could not be more pleased with the submissions and thank you to
>> everyone
>> > who contributed. Please upload any last minute creations today
>> > (2010-12-01).
>> > 
>> > Cheers,
>> > 
>> > John
>> > 
>> Just an update to this post. We received 27 high quality submissions and
>> I
>> anticipate selecting the successful candidate may take a week or perhaps
>> a
>> little longer. :-)
>> Thanks again everyone!
> Hi John,
> Why isn't this in the submissions list? :
> <http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/TimeArtwork#head-cdff2bf16ee7854db58cf2519dc2b1c99af15a90>
> Any reason it was left out?
> Blau Araujo mentioned it here on the mailing list on 27 Oct.
> Though it's more of a modification of the Ubuntu CoF(which few folks
> don't prefer), I find it the best of the existing lot. 
> It's easier to recognize both as 'Ubuntu' and 'artwork' related. Would
> scale better and is less "busy" than the other submissions.

These are great! I didn't see them in the flickr group but I will gladly add
them to the list. :-)

> Regarding the closing date. Weren't we waiting on Ivanka's survey result
> to identify the scope of this team? And there was the indecision on
> whether the team should be an Ubuntu Artwork or an Ubuntu Design team?
> I was hoping someone [some guy from Germany? ;p] would bring this up! 
> We need to first identify what we want to be before we finalize a logo.

My hope was the spec would provide enough background info for folks to
create submissions. Along the way I encouraged thinking out of the box and
IMO we have a great set of submissions to choose from.

As participation was open to all, it was easy to voice an opinion or express
a vision by submitting artwork and if the decision was not to submit that
was ok as well. :-) 

With everything on the project board my expectation is folks will pick and
choose based on their interest and availability.

The topic of changing the name of the team to "Design Team" was only spoke
of briefly at the last meeting and did not receive enough discussion IMO
opinion to move it forward. I certainly like the idea but we already have a
Canonical design team and having two may become problematic.

I agree choosing the best submission to represent the team is going to be a
challenge and will take some time but placing the entire effort on hold
pending the identification of our scope would be a mistake. IMO our scope is
defined by what we are able to complete, the acceptance of our work by the
community, and is likely to change from time to time. There are too many

As to the topic of selection, I certainly welcome suggestions. 

My first choice is to engage the Design Team. They know us best and are the
most qualified. IMO I believe folks will respect their decision as fair and

My second choice is to assemble a panel of qualified judges from outside of
the community.

My third choice is to create a poll and let the team decide.

I would like to get this right, but if some time in the future we decide to
change it - wouldn't that be fun.

Thank you for your comments.

Best regards,


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