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Let see my first demo !
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Chủ đề: [ubuntu-art] Counting Down to Ubuntu 10.10
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  Is it that time again? Yes! 


As in past releases we'd like to create a new count down banner for syndication across the web. If you want to make a highly visible contribution to Ubuntu, this is your chance. 


Around the same time that Maverick Beta launches it is our intention to release a banner that says something like "32 more days until Ubuntu 10.10" Each day the banner will decrease by one until release day which is on the 10th of October when it will it will say "It's almost here" (or similar). Then when the release is ready it will announce "it's here!" 


There is a little uncertainty about the precise launch date of the countdown but we'll have a decision soon. It will be during the beginning of September either on Beta release (39 days before launch) or within a few days thereafter. 


How can you help? 


Create a graphic representing what you think the countdown should look like. It is not necessary to create an entire set of images. Instead, do a couple to demonstrate your idea. The community and Canonical staff will choose the official banners and maybe give some guidance in case a change is needed to polish it up. Lets aim to get submissions in by Tuesday, Augst 24th. But don't wait until the end, release early, release often, so they say. 




Detailed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/MaverickCountdownBanner but in essence: 


180px wide by 150px high. No PHP or flash. We'd like to make a static, plain image available but if the community would like to make an animated or interactive, iframe based image using js and static content we will gladly consider it. The community seems to have enjoyed the animated banner from the 9.04 release cycle. (I know I did) 


Starting at the point of Beta Ubuntu changes from the code name of "Maverick Meerkat" to "Ubuntu 10.10" it would probably be inappropriate to over-emphasize meerkat graphics. 


We have some other opportunities to contribute. Last time we made a Facebook block, which was very popular. We could do more! Also, I think it would be great to design an Android Widget for user's home screens. We don't have to do these but we certainly can! 


Please attach your suggestions to the wiki page listed above. If you have questions or would like to discuss this, please email the Web Presence Team mailing list[1] or hop onto the IRC chat room, #ubuntu-website on freenode. 


I can't wait to see your ideas! 


    [1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-website 

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