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Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 12 15:09:59 BST 2010

Hi Jani,

On Monday 12 April 2010 10:49:49 am Jani hintu wrote:
> Hi Trey.
> tell me how can i help whit any project at all?

You'll find answers to all of your questions (hopefully!) here:


>  i'm new user of ubuntu and from start till now, just got some translated
> "jobs"
>  But interested to find out how to make art or kind of whit this OS.
> first of all what is the program what people use to make artworks here?

Mainly we use open source tools like Inkscape and Gimp. Naturally, you can use 
whatever tools you wish but not using an open format to save them in limits 
their usefulness.


>  is it this gimp  what is from my point of view just good as photoshop or
> paint shop-pro. litte confused first but new things are almost everytime.
> i want to be a part artworkers, and help.
> maybe i have some  skills to do so but...
> if you please Let me know or email to me idea's, how can do something.
> Cheers -)@n| H-
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