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2010/4/8 iceman snowman <theoldfighter123 at yahoo.com>

> You would think that after all these years, there would be a more humane
> way of making themes. :P I feel it's unnecessarily complex. I'm no
> programmer, so I'm just gonna throw this out there: Will 3 (Shell) feature a
> non-idiotic way of making themes?

The look and feel of Shell itself is defined by JavaScript and CSS (but
nobody guarantees that JavaScript will be easily changed by the user). It's
not simple, but relatively powerful way.

By the way, Metacity theme is XML, GTK uses its own, but very simple and
natural syntax, and icons are just icons in PNG or SVG.
Lucid uses Plymouth for boot splash (IMHO, either artists either developers
at Canonical are crazy - you can draw the same with USplash and get lots of
benefits, like reliable Nvidia drivers and ATI video board support). Three
very good Plymouth tutorials are collected here:

I'm not sure about XSplash, but I think it's used too.

And I can't say that existing ways of making themes are idiotic. GUI tools
for the same things will work very badly, existing markups are much better.
CSS should be even better because it's very common and well-documented.

As an example of full artwork change in Karmic I can recommend Ubuntu Furry
Remix: https://launchpad.net/ufurmix
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