[ubuntu-art] Font Manager - Gnome

Jerry Casiano jerrycasiano at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 13:30:02 BST 2009


I'm not new to Ubuntu, but I'm not very familiar with the community, so I'm
posting this here in the hope that some of the members of this list might
find this application interesting or useful, and possibly even suggest that
it be included in the repositories.
It would be nice for users to be able to install it through normal channels
and not have to keep up with updates or deal with unsigned packages.

While still incomplete, I feel that it's at a point now where it's actually
acceptable for an average desktop user. Anyone interested can grab the .deb
or source from


But please keep in mind that this app is very young still and I am NOT an
experienced developer. ;-)

That said, comments, opinions, criticism are always very welcome.
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