[ubuntu-art] Getting an image to cooperate on 16-bit displays?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 23:05:18 BST 2009

Hi everybody!

I have a bug to deal with here:
It regards this image:
This has been very humbling, because it has reminded me how much of a
newbie I am :P

So I need some clever art people to figure this one out. The background
image for the new slideshow displayed from Ubiquity has a cool, quiet
gradient. This looks nice, unless you are looking at it from a screen
with a 16 bit depth. (eg: armel architecture, lots of handheld devices,
ugly screens, fallback graphics drivers). In that event, the lower
colour palette unleashes a horrific display of some of the worst colour
combinations I have laid eyes upon.

So, can this somehow be talked into looking right (without banding) from
a lower bit depth? I don't know any tricks in this regard (except "Save
for Web" from GIMP), but I'm betting someone here does!

Thanks in advance,

PS: The reason I'm asking here is because this is something included in
Ubuntu that could do with fixing before the beta :)
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