[ubuntu-art] Where do I Start?

Hrafn Nordhri hrafn at hrafnsvartr.com
Sun Sep 27 03:07:28 BST 2009

what do you mean by gimp having disappearing toolbars and docks?
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Subject: [ubuntu-art] Where do I Start?
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I've never contributed to any sort of group project before, so I'm not
sure how any of this works.

I'm a former graphic artist / industrial designer.  I've been using
Ubuntu as my primary OS for the last year and a half, and as my only OS
for the last few weeks.  The transition from Corel and Adobe to Inkscape
and GIMP has been relatively pain-free (though GIMP drives me batshit
with all of the disappearing toolbars and docks).

I'm looking to contribute in order to better familiarize myself with
inkscape and GIMP, GDM, Metacity, and Linux in general.

Ideally, I'd like to start out with some smaller tasks or repetitive
tasks, and work my way up to complex tasks as I become more familiar
with the process, and more comfortable with the software.

So, I guess, all i need now is something to do.  What needs done?



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