[ubuntu-art] Icon library

mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 17:53:53 BST 2009


I came across a nice app which can be useful for icon artists. :)


Download the tar.gz , extract it and run icon-library.py

I find it useful to check 
- if the symlinks are correct / if we missed any symlinks
- how the icons look on different backgrounds.

Almost like a twf for icons ;)

I wouldnt say the app is perfect , but i found it useful to check the
integrity of the icon set.

But it seems the developer has not focused on it for a long time, when
contacted the author said he had developed the icon-library to help him
pick icons for apps .... He wanted ideas to improve it and people to
file bugs ;)

Or if someone forks the app and improves it , do inform the artwork ML
too... ;)


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