[ubuntu-art] Introduction new Ubuntu user with gfx design experience

Silver silver at darkdesign.eu
Wed Sep 2 22:27:56 BST 2009

Hello all,

I installed a desktop version of Ubuntu on my pc yesterday so i am very 
green to Ubuntu.
But after some hours getting used to the new layout etc i really saw the 
great potential of Ubuntu!
Still snooping around all the great apps and programs that are free and 
open source, installed some programs already but still looking for some 
that i use on xp(yes sorry i do own a copy of win xp)but that i would 
love to run in Ubuntu.

But i do have over 10 years experience with graphics, designing in 2d 
and 3d on my computer.
My tool of the trade are a wacom tablet, ps cs4, 3dmax, poser, bryce.
I run my own website at darkdesign.eu where i share a wide range of 
But you can also find my work at silver-.deviantart.com.
Or you might come across my work some where else on the Internet

I would defiantly want to spend some of my time designing something for 
Ubuntu and getting to know this new OS better.
So if there is any interest, great project or something else i might be 
able to assist let me know.

Paul "Silver" Ripmeester

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