[ubuntu-art] Default design note

mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 17:10:14 BST 2009

On Sun, 2009-10-04 at 12:34 +0200, Dávid Horváth wrote:
> Hey Dear Artists!

> Lets observe the third one.
> Nice welcoming warm colours, you stop at the middle line. Observe it a
> bit. Nice, smooth lines.. As there is nothing at the bottom your focus
> goes up to the upper right corner. Bob. Red button, punctuated icons,
> no structure. You go on the tray to the right side, a big empty space,
> than an unpleasant question mark.. blue.. how this came here? A too
> simple envelope.. and firefox. Firefox.. like that. Fox and fire, and
> a bit blue, earth etc. Than the signs, too narrow, too close, but i
> like the Ubuntu sign. Forgettable.
Almost all that you have mentioned has already been changed in Karmic.

Also , the screenshot seems to have been taken from a virtualbox
install. Thats seems to be why the panel icons are arranged wrong.

If its from a virtualbox , instead you can take a screenshot after
creating a new user account in your system , that way you can see how
the default setup is actually meant to be.

> My opinion is that we should redesign Karmic Koala, 

A bit late for Karmic. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule
Karmic Beta has already been released. So nothing more can be done for

Awaiting your review of Karmic :) 


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