[ubuntu-art] Default design note

Cory K. coryisatm at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 14:02:29 BST 2009

Dávid Horváth wrote:
> Hey Dear Artists!
> I read a topic on Ubuntu.hu (Hungarian Ubuntu forum), and i would like to
> bring you the message what i think is the conclusion of the discussion.
> First have a look of these pictures, and observe them slowly. Try to
> concentrate what feeling you have when you have a look at the first second,
> and later on lets say in 15-20 seconds. If this is done, go to the next one
> and try to analyse what you felt and compare them. Try to be objective.
> Computer 1 <http://www.stardock.com/products/desktopx/dx35/img31.jpg>
> Computer 2<http://seanmcgrath.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/sean-leopard-desktop.png>
> Computer 3<http://reformedmusings.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/jaunty-rc-desktop.jpg>
> I think it is quite obvious that the first one it the most engineered. You
> start with your eye at the right upper corner at the clock, than follow the
> line downwards, you loose interest, but you see now the wind-generators, so
> you fallow them. It gets boring( in a few milliseconds) but there is the
> horizon, so you fallow that. You have a look at the icons, what are quite
> nice. You finish, but you still can observe at the clouds and the tray, what
> has a decent colour.
> Have a look at the second picture:
> First you see the welcoming colours and lines. You focus on the middle of
> this miracle(a bit down, in the middle) and observe it. Its nice. You have a
> look next to the icons in the bottom, make you feel there are many
> functions, and possibilities, and you stop at the smiling face. Welcoming.
> Precise, safe. Have a look at the stars( freedom, space) and go to the right
> side of the screen with your eye. than the right top and left side. Nice.
> The first one had a lot more impression so far.
> Lets observe the third one.
> Nice welcoming warm colours, you stop at the middle line. Observe it a bit.
> Nice, smooth lines.. As there is nothing at the bottom your focus goes up to
> the upper right corner. Bob. Red button, punctuated icons, no structure. You
> go on the tray to the right side, a big empty space, than an unpleasant
> question mark.. blue.. how this came here? A too simple envelope.. and
> firefox. Firefox.. like that. Fox and fire, and a bit blue, earth etc. Than
> the signs, too narrow, too close, but i like the Ubuntu sign. Forgettable.
> Dont get me wrong. I love Ubuntu. I really do. I want to make it better, and
> in these days marketing is one of the most important thing everywhere. We
> cannot afford adverts, so we have to use other tools. We cannot afford a 20
> person big team for design, so we have to do it ourselves. Than do it nice!
> If its big, lets make it Huge! (If its a goose, make it fat :)
> Hungarian byword).
> My opinion is that we should redesign Karmic Koala, and from now on make
> Ubuntu a lot prettier. Compiz made a lot for Ubuntu's reputation. Why not
> using it? Wobbling windows, special effects, turned on by default, if we
> have a working 3d accel. Why not? We coul even do a startup script what
> would show a 3d cube and slowly zoom on to on of the desktops. Would be
> amazing.

Generally, I agree with your post (welcome btw) but as we (being this
list) having no control over the default art, it will be a little hard
for us to:

"redesign Karmic Koala, and from now on make Ubuntu a lot prettier."

This list is for community art. We do have projects aimed to "make
Ubuntu a lot prettier" just not by default. :) That's Canonicals call.

Stick around though. There are many projects going on lately that are
alot of fun.

-Cory K.

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