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Dávid Horváth chronos.hun at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 11:34:48 BST 2009

Hey Dear Artists!

I read a topic on Ubuntu.hu (Hungarian Ubuntu forum), and i would like to
bring you the message what i think is the conclusion of the discussion.
First have a look of these pictures, and observe them slowly. Try to
concentrate what feeling you have when you have a look at the first second,
and later on lets say in 15-20 seconds. If this is done, go to the next one
and try to analyse what you felt and compare them. Try to be objective.

Computer 1 <http://www.stardock.com/products/desktopx/dx35/img31.jpg>
Computer 2<http://seanmcgrath.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/sean-leopard-desktop.png>
Computer 3<http://reformedmusings.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/jaunty-rc-desktop.jpg>

I think it is quite obvious that the first one it the most engineered. You
start with your eye at the right upper corner at the clock, than follow the
line downwards, you loose interest, but you see now the wind-generators, so
you fallow them. It gets boring( in a few milliseconds) but there is the
horizon, so you fallow that. You have a look at the icons, what are quite
nice. You finish, but you still can observe at the clouds and the tray, what
has a decent colour.

Have a look at the second picture:
First you see the welcoming colours and lines. You focus on the middle of
this miracle(a bit down, in the middle) and observe it. Its nice. You have a
look next to the icons in the bottom, make you feel there are many
functions, and possibilities, and you stop at the smiling face. Welcoming.
Precise, safe. Have a look at the stars( freedom, space) and go to the right
side of the screen with your eye. than the right top and left side. Nice.
The first one had a lot more impression so far.

Lets observe the third one.
Nice welcoming warm colours, you stop at the middle line. Observe it a bit.
Nice, smooth lines.. As there is nothing at the bottom your focus goes up to
the upper right corner. Bob. Red button, punctuated icons, no structure. You
go on the tray to the right side, a big empty space, than an unpleasant
question mark.. blue.. how this came here? A too simple envelope.. and
firefox. Firefox.. like that. Fox and fire, and a bit blue, earth etc. Than
the signs, too narrow, too close, but i like the Ubuntu sign. Forgettable.

Dont get me wrong. I love Ubuntu. I really do. I want to make it better, and
in these days marketing is one of the most important thing everywhere. We
cannot afford adverts, so we have to use other tools. We cannot afford a 20
person big team for design, so we have to do it ourselves. Than do it nice!
If its big, lets make it Huge! (If its a goose, make it fat :)
Hungarian byword).

My opinion is that we should redesign Karmic Koala, and from now on make
Ubuntu a lot prettier. Compiz made a lot for Ubuntu's reputation. Why not
using it? Wobbling windows, special effects, turned on by default, if we
have a working 3d accel. Why not? We coul even do a startup script what
would show a 3d cube and slowly zoom on to on of the desktops. Would be

Waiting for your feedback :)
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