[ubuntu-art] Fluid Boot Experience

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 17 14:12:14 GMT 2009

Check the tracks at UDS, the lucid boot tracks discuss exactly this...

On Nov 16, 2009, at 10:37 PM, Jonathan Blackhall wrote:

> So I got to thinking about the boot experience today and I was  
> wondering if anyone had any comments on this.
> First, I think a successful default booting sequence should have 3  
> characteristics that are currently not implemented.  1. GRUB2 menu  
> be hidden on all machines by default and the usplash image load  
> immediately and have it include a small message saying "Press Esc  
> for more boot options" or something to load the GRUB2 menu.  2.The  
> transition between usplash and xsplash should be smooth.  3. The  
> startup sounds would be refreshed and shortened.  Possibly 4. Make  
> sure the transition between xsplash - log in screen - xsplash again  
> is smooth as well.
> You know what would be a really excellent way to mash-up all this  
> boot stuff?  Take the current usplash (just a white Ubuntu logo on  
> a black background) and make the logo "explode" into MadsRH's Swarm  
> animation (or a Humanized version) while having the rest of the  
> xsplash elements (background gradient and Ubuntu name) fade in.   
> For me, it would really make this whole boot sequence more  
> integrated and slick.
> What I think would be a cool boot experience:
> -usplash Ubuntu logo appears with message saying "Press Esc for  
> more boot options", message disappears after 3 sec, leaving Ubuntu  
> logo
> -xsplash starts as same logo as usplash (no transition apparent to  
> user), background gradient fades in, Ubuntu logo "explodes" into  
> Swarm animation, the word "Ubuntu" appears above the Swarm
> -if your Log In screen enabled, transition to it (perhaps have the  
> Swarm re-form an Ubuntu logo next to the word "Ubuntu"??) and have  
> the remaining Log In stuff appear
> -Some other quick animation between Log In and a fully loaded  
> desktop (maybe?), play a 1-2 sec subtle (unobtrusive) startup sound
> -All of that in 20 sec or less on a "normal" laptop without an SSD
> Do you think that type of boot experience is possible?  Is it  
> desirable?  What would you change?
> Of course this is all just fantasy, but I'm curious what people  
> think would be a desirable boot experience.  Do you have hope that  
> your expectations will be met in Lucid?
> Cheers,
> J
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