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Mon May 11 02:30:56 BST 2009

- the zip icons are fine.
- the chat icon won't be easily recognisable due to the amount of
detail. I wouldn't include a torso (so in other words, plagiarize Pac
Man to the fullest extent without breaching copyright or trademarks
- I would never have guessed that a green rectangle with a splash was
supposed to represent a psd (or any kind of graphics) file - at any

I realize that this is not the kind of feedback you're looking for
(since you're asking about the templates, in this case being the white
page, a representative icon and the mime type written as a subtitle),
but I wanted to share my thoughts on the need for clarity in the icons
at lower sizes.

> I like the idea of the colored bottom portion where we can add the
> extension. (note: i am not content to do the freedesktop thing and have
> 1 icon represent a whole family of icons)

You mean that you want separate PSD, PNG, and JPG icons instead of one
IMAGE icon, for example? Sounds good. What you may want to consider,
however, is to keep the icons of these "families" related in
representation. For example, make the JPG and PNG icons identical
except for the colouring of the icon (or very small tweaks to the
image at most).


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