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mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 18:47:44 BST 2009

spg76 wrote:

>  I like it but I have a couple of concerns.
> You made the large size and I don't know how this looks on the smaller
> sizes. Take notice that the 24px version of this icon it's used on the
> panel.
> Secondly, I wonder if we should take the icon set from NotifyOSD as a
> base for this icons since the set will inherits from Human and I think
> that it's important that we maintain certain consistency (if you are in
> Jaunty you can see this icons at "/usr/share/icons/Human/scalable/status").
> If not, we should make a "NotifyOSD set" for Breathe as well.
> I think that before you go any further with this, we should decide this
> for the icons that are present in the NotifyOSD set.
> -- 
> Seba (AKA spg76)
> http://www.ubuntu-ar.org

actually i use a *different modified version* of these icons for
notify-osd... i'v added them to this mail... my preference would be to
use these color icons for notify-osd too ... thats just me...

 but since the notify-osd uses greyscale, i'v done a quick edit and
added the the greyscale version of my notify-osd icons of just a 3
greyscale icons... the rest need a bit more work...

this way the continuity can be maintained, but i would prefer using the
color ones ;)

just test them out with $ notify-send

also, do test the nm-signal icons, i'v done it in 128x128 since i
thought i could use it for the notify-osd too , i'v added the 24x24 png
in the previous mail for quick reference. i feel that they do scale well
with the 128x128 too. i think u will have a better idea of the look once
u test it...

Andrew wrote:
> Maybe if you de-saturated the colours a bit (they look a bit too
cartoony) and maybe look at this
> oxygen icon attached for reference (if you haven't already)

 i tried different version of the green color , but for the icons to be
decent and viewable in *all* types of panels light/dark/transparent ,
this color was the best option , going either way made it less pleasant
in some panel or the other :(
adding a darker border made it look horrible too , since the icon is in
displayed in small scale, and since it uses curves, the icons doesnt
look that good with the dark border. the curves look bad if the border
color was even a little bit darker. i think u are comparing it to the
previous nm-signal, where the hi-color con used straight lines, so it
allowed for the black border.

the color i'm not too happy with, is probably the nm-signal-50... it
displays well but just not sure of the color...[was confuse using yellow
or green but mixed it up :P]

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