[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] Network Manager-icons

mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Sat May 30 14:06:15 BST 2009

James Schriver wrote:

> These icons are absolutely awesome.  The reconnection animation is by
> far better than nm-applet's default circular animation.  My only
> recommendation as far the colors go is maybe try an orange color like
> used in go-home or the lighter teal/blue color of the system-logout
> icons.  The lighter green is a bit bold especially on darker themes.
> Again great work and I've been testing these icons since you uploaded.
> Regards,
> dashua


i know , the colors are horrible, i was just getting the hang of
inkscape[generally used to working with GIMP] basically the icons are
just a mockup...

the main reason i had created these icons was i hated the reconnection
animation, and no icon set has a different animation..!

Also ... i forgot to mention on the mailing list ,  i'v uploaded a
second revision of the icons to the wiki... i think these colors would
be much better...

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