[ubuntu-art] Notification battery icons

Steve Dodier sidnioulz at gmail.com
Sat May 30 09:58:51 BST 2009

Hello people,

I've quickly done some extra battery icons for a mockup of new battery power
notifications for (X)ubuntu Karmic (spec :
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/NotifyOsd). The icons
can be downloaded in SVG at :

Also, i attached a mockup to the email.

Now, onto the subject : i want the battery power notifications to change.
They're fat, and they use generic icons. I don't like the rendering of
Human's battery icons in notifications (people who ever used
xfce4-power-manager will understand what i mean). I think we can provide
visual information much faster with the icons I made, and I want advice from
you about them.

Current problems are :

   - Many colours used, this could draw the attention of the user too much
   from his work. (I think this is a very minor issue as the battery state
   notification is always triggered by the user, or popping up when battery is
   critical and urgency is high)
   - Names are not standard at all (this is a bigger issue, but the icons
   are meant for use in notifications, and there are no standard notification
   icons apparently)

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Cordially, SD.

PS : i'm cc'ing to xubuntu-devel so that we can discuss about -power-manager
there too :p

Steve Dodier
OpenPGP : 1B6B1670
IRC : SiDi on irc.freenode.net
Jabber : sidi at im.apinc.org
steve.dodier at gmail.com
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