[ubuntu-art] Ann: An animation tool which may help artists.

ApOgEE jerungkun at gmail.com
Tue May 26 13:11:30 BST 2009

Hi Donn,

Thanks for sharing this. I'm trying to run the clouds.thingum.py and it is
searching for timeline module. I searching where to get the timeline module.
Could you help me please?

this is what I do.

1. checkout things
$ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at cvs.sv.gnu.org:/sources/things co things

2. get into the dir
$ cd things

3. run the demo and this is the output.
$ python clouds.thingum.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "clouds.thingum.py", line 24, in <module>
    from Things.ThingsApp import *
  File "/home/apogee/Code/things/things/Things/ThingsApp.py", line 45, in
    from ThingObjects import *
  File "/home/apogee/Code/things/things/Things/ThingObjects.py", line 26, in
    from timeline import *
ImportError: No module named timeline

Best Wishes,

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