[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] Bug reporting

Cory K. coryisatm at gmail.com
Tue May 19 02:44:54 BST 2009

Cory K. wrote:
> spg76 wrote:
>> Oliver and Daniel (and everyone who want to) feel free to fill a report in
>> Launchpad for the bugs ( https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/breathe-icon-set ).
>> This way we all can confirm the bugs and keep track of them.
>> Thank you all for the bug hunting.
> Yes. Filing bugs is great but please don't file for things that Breathe
> cannot or should not fix.

As an addition to this, *be sure it's a bug* and not user error. :)

@Oliver: Your comment on Bug#377941 "[Missing simlink]
gnome-screenshot/applets-screenshooter" is most likely because the icons
are cached and you did not log in/out from your session. I test every
bug I fix and for sure this one is fixed. So if you say it's not, you
better be able to prove it. ;) Also, I'll look into Bug#378148 but
providing a fix is expected from you guys. ;) Like in Sebastien's
initial post about Bug#377941 he also notes how to fix.

I expect you guys to do the research as well. So, tell me what that
image is *supposed* to be using or if a symlink is needed. :) I won't
post the same thing in the bug. Just put the answer and I'll take care
of it.

-Cory K.

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