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> 2009/5/18 Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado <raul at dervishd.net>
> Hi all :)
>> I have some questions about the Ubuntu logo, specially the SVG versions,
>> and I wonder if anyone here can help me.
>> First, the SVG versions are made with Adobe Illustrator: are there
>> versions made with Inkscape or other tool, containing shapes instead of
>> paths?
>> Second, is there any official specification for the "Circle of friends"
>> and the "ubuntu" word, containing sizes, distances, shapes, etc. If, for
>> whatever reason, I were to make a logo from scratch it would be very
>> useful to know this information, which can be only obtained by measuring
>> by hand in the SVG.
>> Third, about the letters in "ubuntu" and "linux for human beings": was a
>> font used or all letters are made from shapes? The strap line looks like
>> Bitstream Vera/Deja Vu sans serif, but "ubuntu" looks like hand made
>> shapes. Again, knowing the sizes and the shapes would be great.
>> When I'm talking about having shape-and-size information I mean
>> something like the PDF version currently available on the
>> Artwork/Official page (named "with proper gridlines"), but more
>> ellaborate. Probably the original author of the logos has this
>> information :? I think this would be useful, because although SVG and
>> PNG versions of the logos are provided, they are not always the best
>> sources to work with the logo: having the dimensions, distances, shapes
>> used, etc. is a "format-agnostic" way of telling people how a proper
>> Ubuntu logo has to be drawn, something along the lines of what the GNOME
>> people did with their logo. In the worst case, a SVG file containing the
>> paths with no "transform" items would be enough, although the Circle of
>> Friends is better described, IMHO, as circles and not paths...
>> I know all this is a weird petition but I would find this information
>> very useful.
>> Thanks a lot in advance :)
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> Hey Raul,
> the letters in "Ubuntu"  are a font named  ttf-ubuntu-title.  It should be
> easily downloaded and installed on the system. So the kerning for the
> letters is already set in the font. For the first question,,, I do not think
> these were made in illustrator  at all,,, illustrator files do not open well
> in inkscape from my experience and the Ubuntu logo  opens and edits very
> well in Inkscape.
>    Unless you are getting another version from somewhere  that I am not
> aware of  these were made in Inkscape.
> coz
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