[ubuntu-art] Getting involved

Saleel svelanka at gmail.com
Thu May 7 04:21:36 BST 2009

Baldur Blöndal wrote:
>  This thing creeps me out
Welcome mate.  You get used to the mailing list, try to think about it 
as delayed Public IM's.

I am pretty new to the list as well, if you want my advice:

    * -Just start working on something noone else is working on. Be
      receptive to critique, and give critique.
    * -Explain everything. Your critique/ your ideas/ your work/ your
      modifications, we cant see in your head (and you cant see through
      our eyes)
    * -Do try to keep a dev art page/ blog/ launchpad page.
    * -Dont get the digest. Its good if you just plan to read, but
      harder if you plan to contribute.
    * -No top posting (Basically dont quote the whole thread, just cut
      out the bits you want to respond to.)

I cant really think of anything else. This list is pretty relaxed most 
of the time.


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